What kind of cigars does Columbo smoke?

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1 Answer

Many cigar smokers would like to know, but there is no good answer to this question. Our only clues are that Columbo says he gets these fellas at the supermarket, and that several other characters have commented on the pungent aroma or poor quality of Columbo's cigars; so we know that they're a cheap, generic brand. At least one cameraman who worked on "Columbo" has said that Peter Falk would just grab any kind of cigar that was handy; and in fact, careful observation shows that Columbo's cigars were of various thicknesses and colors at different times. This is consistent with Peter Falk's own attitude toward cigars: he enjoys them occasionally, but he claims no special appreciation for quality or brands. This is one of many topics discussed in Peter Falk's excellent interview with Arthur Marx (son of Groucho) in Cigar Aficionado magazine. For much more information about Columbo's cigars, and to see an exclusive close-up of the label on one of Columbo's cigars (maybe you can ... more
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