What kind of essay may be submitted for the NEF Scholastic Award?


Essays submitted for the NEF Scholastic award must be original. That is, essays must be written by the students submitting them; they must not be plagiarized in any form; and they must not have been published in print or on the Internet. Students may use essays they have submitted for their class assignments. Students are encouraged to seek their instructor’s assistance in editing and proofreading the essays prior to submission for the award. Essays must address and focus on issues surrounding naturism. By “naturism” NEF refers to the practice of social nudity as defined by The Naturist Society: “Naturism: A Way of life in greater fidelity to nature, with a norm of full nudity in social lifewhen possible and appropriate. We aim to enhance acceptance and respect for one’s self, other persons and the biosphere.” More generally, naturism is to be understood, for the purposes of offering the NEF Scholastic Award, to pertain to non-erotic social nudity. This would include for instance, but