What kind of food do they eat in austria?

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1 Answer

Vegiemite would be Australia!!! Austria is the small country in the Alps, between Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Italy. "Mehlspeisen" such as "Kaiserschmarrn" (sort of a really thick pancake with raisins and a lot of powdered sugar), "Germknödel" (A big dumpling made of sweet yeast dough, filled with plum-jam, and steamed, served with Vanilla sauce, powdered sugar and cracked poppy seed on top), "Marillenknödel" (Aprikots wrapped in a kind of potato-dough, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried, usally served with some fruitsauce) "Apfelstrudel" or "Millirahmstrudel", Strudel with either a filling of apples, nuts, raisins and cinnamon or some sort of fresh-cheese with raisins)... I will come back and tell you more, but I just got a call! Need to go! L8er! And I'm back... All right, let's see... more traditional Austrian food... Tiroler Speckknödel mit Pilzrahmsoße (Bread-dumplings with bacon, served with creamy mushroom sauce, a famous dish from the region of Tirol), than... Jausenplatte ... more
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