What kind of lights are used in tanning beds?

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1 Answer

Tanning beds use UV lights to stimulate production of the pigment melanin in the skin, but UV exposure can be harmful and even dangerousFeaturesTanning beds use UV lights in order to stimulate the production of melanin, a pigment made by the body to darken the skin. Older tanning beds used short-ray UV lights, which burn the skin more easily than the long-ray UV lights most often used today. UV light is present in natural light as well, but the UV light in tanning beds is three times more concentrated than the UV radiation in sunlight. Most tanning beds use 95 to 98 percent UV lighting. UV radiation is an invisible form of energy that exists in the spectrum between x-rays and visible light and is subject to regulation by the FDA.EffectsWhen skin is exposed to UV light, the body begins to produce a brown pigment called melanin to protect itself. The FDA classifies all tanning as a form of skin damage because the production of melanin does not occur unless UV exposure has reached ...
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