What kind of work conditions did children face in the factories during the Industrial Revolution?

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1 Answer

Children faced horrible work conditions during the Industrial Revolution. They worked long, grueling 12-16 hour workdays usually in cramped factories, receiving only a small salary for their efforts. The children were ordered to perform dangerous jobs regarding the machinery of the factory which could very easily injure or even, in a few situations, kill them. Discipline was also very strict and the children were sometimes verbally or physically abused for not completing their job correctly or efficiently. 8. Why did factory owners permit such conditions and treatment of children? Factories owners were more concerned about their own profit than the treatment of their workers. Even though children's pay was unfair, it save the factory owner a lot of money that could be either used for improving the factory or for his own personal gains. Also, factory owners knew that children were able to complete jobs that adults were unable to perform. Due to their small, nimble hands, children ...
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