What kinds of drugs or medicines cannot be combined or taken together?

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There are so many drug interactions that it would take a very fat text book to list them all. Even many household items like coffee (caffeine) and cigarettes (nicotine) have powerful drugs in them. As an overview, do not combine drugs that cause drowsiness together. Alcohol, beer, wine and liquor should never be combined with sleeping pills or pain relievers. Over the counter drugs can interact with antibiotics or with prescription pain relievers to cause potentially bad reactions. Some antibiotics can even neutralize some birth control pills. Grape fruit juice can make some sedatives or pain relievers work less well than normal. Check with your medical doctor or dentist as soon as possible before combining any drugs. 9. What to do if a temporary crown falls off. This is important for two reasons. First the tooth could get contaminated by germs and plaques and get sensitive or develop more decay. And even more important, the temporary crown is designed to hold the tooth in its proper ... more
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