What kinds of funding or grants are available for installing wheelchair lifts, ramps, etc.?

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There are a few government programs that provide funding for improving accessibility to private homes or public buildings. Residential Dwellings • Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP) A RAMP grant for up to $5,000 is available to modify the personal principal Alberta residences for eligible wheelchair users. The applicant must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada and the application must be the applicant’s personal principal residence in Alberta. The total gross household income for the prior year must be $35,900 or less. An additional spousal deduction of $7,505 is allowed, as well as $7,505 per dependent child under 21 years still living at home, and an additional $6,741 per disabled child under the age of 18 years still living at home. Grants are for permanent modifications that facilitate access into or movement within a home by the wheelchair user. Only one wheelchair user per household may apply for assistance. If the principal residence is a rental ... more
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