What Makes a Great Hamburger Bun?

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1 Answer

What's a hamburger without a great hamburger bun? Even the most expertly grilled patties need just the right bookend, so be sure to pick up the finest hamburger buns you can find before your next cookout with family and friends. The best hamburger bun is always round, with a golden tint to its crust. Depending on the style of bun, its interior will be either white or golden, while a sesame seed bun will feature an even sprinkling of seeds over its top half. A great hamburger bun will offer a small handful of individual aromatic notes, including egg, toast, honey (or a similar sweetener) — and in a sesame seed bun, toasted sesame. A low level of saltiness will be a hamburger bun's predominant basic taste, balanced by very slight sweetness. These tastes should help intensify the bun's flavor, which will be defined by the same elements as its aroma. The tender interior of a top-quality hamburger bun will contrast with its crispier crust; in a sesame seed bun, look for even more of a ... more
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