What Makes a Man Propose?

man propose

Everyone wants a soul-mate, a confidant, a trusted supporter. And when he finds her, he’s almost ready to make the leap. He’s almost ready because a man’s DNA make-up leans toward taking care of and protecting his soul-mate. Therefore, once he’s found her, he wants to feel financially secure, comfortable about his career/job, confident that he is ready to set up a home and start a family — then he’s ready to propose. Now that he’s ready, he will propose to the woman who he has connected with him in 4 major areas: Physical Attraction: Initially he finds her attractive. He wants to see more, touch more, and feel her. At this point he may think he likes her. Then as he gets to know her after some dating experiences, his attraction for her moves to another level. Emotional Attraction: He now, in addition to feeling physically attracted to her, now feels emotional chemistry because their personalities are in sync. Or he finds they have complementary differences they can build on. This is p