What makes princess diana a hero?

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Diana chose to face some unpleasant issues straight on;AIDS was a very well-known scourge,a disease that first affected a small population of people then became an equal-opportunity disease.Diana chose to face the fact that people were suffering and dying and being ostracized,for no really good reason.She became the first royal to shake hands,ungloved,with an AIDS patient. Diana also chose to take up the anti-Land Mines initiative.She was photographed walking through a mine-field in a series of famous photographs. Diana chose to put the spotlight on these dangerous,buried bombs that were left behind in places that people frequent because one of her charities was responsible for making and fitting prosthetic limbs for those in need.The need for these prosthetics was very high;Diana wondered why and found out the major cause--land mines. Diana did good work calling attention to her charities.She was a very complex woman capable of doing good,but she wasn't saintly.Diana was very ... more
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