What male and female artist has sold the most records in history and how many did each sell?

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Not listed in any specific order beyond category. Top selling Male Solo Artist Of Our Time: MICHAEL JACKSON HIGHEST SELLING FEMALE SOLO ARTIST OF OUR TIME: MADONNA Artists Reputed Sales 500 million records or more Artist Country Period Genre Source The Beatles U.K. 60s-70s Rock / Arena Rock / Pop / Psychedelic Rock [1] [2] Bing Crosby U.S. 20s-70s Jazz / Swing / Vocal / Easy Listening / Pop [3] Michael Jackson U.S. 60s-00s Pop / New Jack Swing / R&B / Rock / Funk / Disco / Gospel [4] Elvis Presley U.S. 50s-70s Rock / R&B / Gospel / Blues / Rockabilly / Pop / Country [5] Frank Sinatra U.S. 30s-90s Pop / Easy Listening / Vocal / Jazz / Swing [6] 250 million records or more Artist Country Period Genre Source ABBA Sweden 70s-80s Pop / Disco [7] [8] Alla Pugacheva Russia 60s-00s Russian pop [9] Cliff Richard U.K. 50s-00s Pop / Rock / Adult Contemporary [10] Elton John U.K. 60s-00s Pop / Rock / Adult Contemporary [11] Julio Iglesias Spain 60s-00s Latin Pop [12] Led Zeppelin U.K. 60s-80s ... more
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