What maybe the nice haircut for dwarfy person?


short girls like me are hard to decide what ever hairstyle will fit us


I believe that long straight hair is equally well suited to both tall and short girls. If you still doubt, then pay more attention to makeup. In combination with long hair, lush false eyelashes are suitable. If you are involved in eyelash extension, then here’s a tip for you how to remove it https://alleyelashes.com/how-to-remove-eyelash-extensions/. If your height does not allow to attract attention, then a charming look will definitely give such an opportunity.

Axelle Jardin

As for me, short girls are usually cute and more attractive. Therefore, not high growth is even a plus.

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Hi there! If you are looking for some cool and interesting curly hairstyles, I recommend that you click here. I am sure you will find a really cool one for you which you will like. Good luck with it 😉

Jonel Dunn

Honestly, how tall/short you are doesn’t matter. Look at some styles online and do something you really love! The only thing you should consider is the amount of time you want to spend maintaining your style.

Some people hate having long hair, it can get hot in the summer and takes some effort. Other people might have curly hair so a straight style might be impossible to maintain on a day to day basis. The same goes for people with super straight hair, curling hair takes a lot of time.

I personally prefer long styles over short styles. Short styles like bobs sometimes needs to be styled daily, and it’s easier to throw your hair in a ponytail. Also, long hair makes me more confident as I am plus size so in my mind my long hair kinda ‘hides’ my insecurities.

But you might be different. If you really want more advice I’ll recommend that you go to a hairdresser and ask him/her what they recommend. The style wouldn’t depend so much on your length but on your face shape. Bangs/fringes/layers etc. suit some face shapes better than others. If you’re thinking of color and/or highlights, a hairdresser can also assist you with that. Hairdressers take your skin tone, undertones, and eye color and determine the color that will make your face ‘pop’.

But at the end of the day, it is your choice, do whatever makes you feel sexy and wear it with pride! If you want neon pink hair that reaches your feet, then do it!

One of my favorite shows is Little Women Atlanta. Look at how they’re all rocking different hairstyles and they all look amazing! http://celebrityinsider.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Andrea-Salinas.jpg