What might cause a chemical smell coming from a refrigerator?

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1 Answer

Gentle men/ladies if your store a refrigerator in the cellar or wherever tape a little block of wood or a sock etc to the frame of the doors this will prevent that stale odor from occuring because now you have air changing in the unit also put an open box of baking soda in freezer and refrigerator sections this will absorb odor as will a plate of charcoal. Now for the original question if it was not connected to the above check your defrost drip pan behind the grate at the bottom of refrigerator clean the pan and veacuum the condenser while your at it ,it is the black wires sticking out from a series of black tubes. next clean the crispers ,wall etc of both sections make sure you have enough food in the freezer if not it will get too warm during defrost cycles and blow this odor down to refrig. more
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