What might happen if Bt corn affects non-target organisms such as beneficial insects or harmless insects?

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We are already seeing some problems with g-modified corn. (Mind you that all the corn that we have from commercial growth has been modified by human selection for productivity and by conventional hybridization, even before the techniques of genetic engineering are applied,)We now know that the assurances provided by the corporations that sell the seeds that there would not be crossover of the spliced genetic material into adjacent plant varieties, we have found both herbicide resistant genes and pesticide genetic material in plants that didn't have them previously, and were within the pollen shower (wind -dispersed pollen) of the commercial crops. This increases chances of damage to populations of beneficial and harmless insects. You don't have to have the genetic materials in the corn to kill diseases and pests in order to have the unwanted problems of damage to these insect populations; many pesticide sprays are non-selective enough that beneficial insects are killed along with ... more
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