What parental control software allows limiting time spent watching YouTube?

Mary D Posted

Hey everyone,

Do you know any parental control software allowing to limit time spent watching YouTube?

Thanks in advance

Demi Cameron

I have limited my YouTube time by and now I convert you tube videos

So I just load the video I want to watch and I don’t have any other videos and ads. It helped me a lot.

Rob Carr

I think I know how to help you. Check out these Spyzie reviews later on. Contact me if you have any other questions.

Frank Davis

I think more important is monitoring the content rather than a screen time limitation. You see, in our family we have come to the conclusion that it is better allow something and monitor rather than restrict. That is why we installed an app called mspy for our boys supervising their Internet activity, all visited websites and blocking the unwanted ones if needed. We are pretty satisfied with its work and glad to have an opportunity to protect our kids.


There are a number apps and hardware devices that can limit screen time. I prefer hardware parental controls as it can limit multiple devices so when a child hops onto another device, that device is also covered.