What part of the pig does pork come from?

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1 Answer

Pork refers to any meat that comes from a pig. Fresh cuts (like pork chops) and processed cuts (like ham and bacon) come from different sections of the pig, but they are all considered pork. Q: Are there any pigs that have 2 stomaches? How do they digest their food? A: Pigs are known as monogastric animals -- that means that they only have one stomach. Their gastric systems are very similar to humans. No animal has two stomachs. Cows, deer and sheep, for example, have four stomachs and are called ruminants. Horses and rabbits have only one stomach but they have an active cecum in which fermentation occurs so that is why they can eat grass and hay. Monogastrics like pigs and humans cannot metabolize cellulose as in grass and hay so we must eat foods that have no cellulose. Q: How long do pigs usually live? A: Sows and boars usually live about 4 to 5 years, and some may live longer than that. In fact, some pigs have lived as long as 15 years! Q: How many pigs does it take to set up a ... more
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