What percentage of minerals makeup the human body?

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1 Answer

From the link given below: "The human body is composed of: 96.2% of body weight comes from "organic elements" present in many different forms. DNA, RNA proteins, lipids and sugars are all composed of primarily O, C, H and N. Also, Water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2)as well as other small molecules involve these elements. Oxygen (65.0%) Carbon (18.5%) Hydogen (9.5%) Nitrogen (3.2%) 3.9% of body weight comes from elements present in the form of salts. Don't be fooled by their minute quantities, they are very important for the maintenance of homeostasis (meaning "well balanced organism"). Calcium is a major component of bones and teeth. Iron is necessary for oxygen transport by red blood cells. Sulfur is present in most proteins and potassium keeps your heart beating smoothly and regularly. Calcium (1.5%) Phosphorus (1.0%) Potassium (0.4%) Sulfur (0.3%) Sodium (0.2% Chlorine (0.2%) Magnesium (0.1%) Iodine (0.1%) Iron (0.1%) The trace elements compose less than 0.5% of total body weight ... more
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