What percentage of women shave their pubic hair?

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1 Answer

Many American women are incorporating the removal of hair in the genital area into their personal beauty and grooming regimen. The trend is growing in popularity, especially among younger women, who are more likely to feel that men prefer a "manicured" look. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by the Vagisil Women’s Health Center, approximately one fourth of women aged 18 and older say they closely trim their pubic hair with scissors or clippers, and almost a third of women (32 percent) say they shave either part or all of their pubic hair off (23 percent "part"; 9 percent "all"). Some women even prefer the more exotic Brazilian wax, which is the complete removal of genital hair, giving you an ultra smooth look. Though shaving or waxing can make you feel attractive and sexy there are some health risks involved. Mosly it depends on the convenience and likeing of the women and their partners. But, It is compulsary for MUSLIMS to shave off the area after every menustral ... more
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