What physical changes occur with aging?

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One circumstance of the normal aging process is the loss of height due to the disks in the spinal column, or vertebrae, slowly shrinking, causing the bones to move closer together. This shrinking process actually begins around the age of 25. After age 40, the back may even begin to lean forward. From age 20 to 70, women tend to lose about two inches in height, while men tend to lose about one inch. Another physical change people experience with age is weight variation. Generally, your weight increases until about age 50, and then begins to decrease. However, some older adults may experience weight gain because of increased food intake coupled with decreased activity. In addition to the physical challenges presented by aging, the following medical conditions are likely to occur as a person ages: • Stroke • Parkinsons Disease • Alzheimers and other related dementia disorders • Arthritis • Osteoporosis • Diabetes • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease • Coronary artery disease • High ... more
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