What place of service codes do I use for house calls and domiciliary care?

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1 Answer

There are several place of service codes that affect providers of home care medicine. For house calls, use Code 12 (Home), which covers any location other than a hospital or other facility where the patient receives care in a private residence. For domiciliary care, the codes are as follows: Code 13 for Assisted Living Facility, Code 14 for Group Home, Code 15 for Mobile Unit, Code 33 for Custodial Care Facility, or Code 34 for Hospice. • Can I bill all new patients up front, even if they claim to have Medicare? No. You must bill CMS for all Medicare services unless you opt out for two years, meaning you cannot receive any monies from CMS for two years. (If you opt out, you must forewarn patients before they are seen). • What is the correct provider type code and practice type code to list on a Medicaid application? Medicaid provider applications vary from state to state. Each provider's NPI application (which replaces the UPIN) requires selecting provider type(s). Over time, ...
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