What planets are visible tonight?

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1 Answer

You can see Venus in the western sky just as soon as it gets dark. It appears as a very bright "star" and if you have a telescope you will see that it is shaped like a crescent currently. You might also be able to see this with your binoculars. You can also see Saturn in the sky tonight. It will be rising up in the eastern sky just as soon as it gets dark. It too appears as a bright "star", but not nearly as bright as Venus. There is also an actual star of about the same brightness in the vicinity of Saturn. This star is called Regulus and it is the brightest star in the constellation of Leo. If you see some stars that are shaped like a backwards question mark - like this ?, but backwards, the bright star Regulus would be the "dot" at the bottom of the backwards question mark. As for galaxies and nebula, you could take a look at the Orion Nebula with your binoculars. If you can find "Orion's Belt", then look underneath his belt for three stars that are more-or-less perpendicular to ... more
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