What point in the contiguous United States is furthest from any road?

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The closest I can get for the coordinates of Hinsdale County in Colorado is: 38.186 078N and 107.804 186W I also found on the web that this isn't 'the' point in the 48 lower States that is furthest from any road: "...In the contiguous United States, the point that's furthest from any road is in coastal Louisiana, where swamps deter the construction of any type of road, even narrow dirt roads. The most remote landlocked spot is in the southeastern corner of Yellowstone National Park, 20 miles from the nearest road. "That shocks a lot of people," Watts says. "If they don't know the western part of the U.S. very well, they imagine that there are these vast areas where you can ride your horse for days." http://blog.sciencenews.org/mathtrek/200… Yellowstone is 44° 36′ 0″ N, 110° 30′ 0″ W and this link is interesting too: http://www. more
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