What poisonous animals are found in Hawaii?

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1 Answer

Here are some of the poisinous animals in Hawaii I found: Look for more info about this group at: http://www.aloha.com/~lifeguards/critter… *Anemone *Cone Snail *Jellyfish *Portuguese Man-of-War *Scorpion Fish *Yellow Bellied Sea Snake *Stingray These are some from Susan Scott's book, Pests of Paradise: First Aid and Medical Treatment of Injuries from Hawaii's Animals.: *Botflies *Brown Dog Tick *Brown Recluse Spider *Cane Toad *Cannibal Mosquitoes *Cat Mites To look at this book or to see a list of more animals in it, follow this link and click on the book for more information about it. It should have lots of information about poisonous animals in Hawaii.: http://www.amazon.com/Pests-Paradise-Tre… I hope this helps! more
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