What popular food product is obtained from a highly poisonous root that locals call manioc?

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I probably should have worded this question more carefully. Most readers correctly reported that tapioca is the popular food product obtained from a highly poisonous root called manioc. One or two readers, however, described manioc-derived food products as they are prepared and used in indigenous cultures. In fact, manioc is also the source of cassava, arrowroot, and a flour-like substance. The question should have specified a popular North American food product. Apologies. I allowed the more exotic answers. Live and learn. At what age did Mahatma Gandhi marry and what was his wife's name? Mahatma Gandhi married his wife, Kasturba (sometimes spelled Kasturbai) when he was thirteen. This question was a giveaway. Most readers solved it by searching on "Mahatma Gandhi" and the word wife or biography. When and where was the first Blue Bird school bus made? Another giveaway. The first Blue Bird school bus was built in 1927 in Fort Valley, Georgia - a fact that proved dead easy to verify ... more
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