What qualities does a good leader possess?

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(Accept all reasonable answers.) • Use their opinions and examples to point out that a good leader recognizes everyone's worth, talent, and ability. • Say: A shepherd is someone who leads. In this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus explains the relationship between a shepherd and his sheep. • Invite a volunteer to read aloud today's Gospel, John 10:1-10. • Ask: What is the relationship between a shepherd and his sheep? (The sheep recognize and follow the shepherd.) How do the sheep know their shepherd? (He enters the sheepfold through the gate. The gatekeeper knows him. His voice is familiar.) • Say: Good Christian leaders have a good relationship with Jesus. They know that Jesus is the gate for the sheep. By knowing Jesus and faithfully following him, Christian leaders help the Church follow Jesus. In this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus reminds us that there is only one way to abundant life and that way is through him. • Conclude by praying together that we will all be faithful followers of Jesus, the ... more
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