What questioning strategies increase student achievement?

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1 Answer

• Questioning is at the very foundation of effective teaching. Bloom's taxonomy provides a useful classification of questions from the lowest level (knowledge) to the highest level (evaluation). • Teachers rely most heavily on lower-order questions. While lower-order questions are well-suited for some goals, higher-order questions are associated with higher-order thinking and should also be an important part of classroom instruction. • In fact, who is asked the questions is often an indication of teacher expectation. All students should participate and teachers should carefully consider who will be asked to answer questions. Effective teachers use intentional strategies to allocate questions fairly. • Teachers need to remember to wait three to five seconds after asking a question (wait time 1) and before reacting to a student answer (wait time 2). Increasing wait time is surprisingly effective in raising the student level of participation (both quality and quantity). • Teachers also ... more
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