What Rx meds can show up as amphetamine's on a drug test?

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1 Answer

Standardized drug tests are generally performed on urine. Any medication, be it prescription or OTC (over the counter) which contains catecholeamine related substances will test positive on the urine drug screen. As the urine drug screen is just that, a screening test, any positive results, amphetamines included, are generally then confirmed with specific tests to isolate and identify the drug or drug class. Common prescription medications which would test positive as amphetamines are: 1. Ritalin and related compounds used to treat several disorders. 2. Prescription decongestants (not antihistamines) such as Allegra D. 3. Most appetite suppressants are amphetamine based and will also test positive. 4. Dextroamphetamine 5. Levoamphetamine 6. Adderall This list is not exhaustive but provides the most common prescription medications which will "show up positive" for amphetamines. Confirmatory testing is always indicated. Furthermore, any OTC medications which are decongestants, ... more
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