What s the difference between a Cal State (CSU) and a UC?

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They are both public universities, but the UC is generally more competitive in the admissions process. The Cal States accept the top 33% of the graduating high school class while the UC accept the top 12.5%. This means that the requirements for admissions are more challenging. The UC is first and foremost a research institution. This means that every year professors and students (even undergraduates) analyze old knowledge and discover new knowledge for the world. For example, Susan Bryant, dean of the UCI School of Biological Sciences, who has spearheaded the creation of an interdepartmental Stem Cell Research Consortium at UCI, and Oswald Steward, director of UCI s Reeve-Irvine Research Center, are members of the governing commission of the new California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Pretty interesting, huh? Moreover, another goal of the UC is to produce students who will continue their education through professional degrees and graduate research. more
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