What should a resume look like?

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Here are some good sample resumes:

sample resume


Sample 2:

sample resume

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Best way to get an idea for your resume is Google "Resume Samples" this will give you a huge range of ideas, or even talk to a professional.

But all in all, your resume needs to have the following:

- Full name
- Date of birth
- Address
- Contact details, phone and email

- Skill set (no more than 10-15 points), if you have heaps pick out the most relevant and strongest points. 
- Education, including any certificates, licences 
- Volunteer work, if relevant to the position you are applying for or if you have gaps in your employment history. 

- Employment history, should have the following;
- Employment dates
- Position title & company name
- What you did and accomplished (ie if you boosted sales but 20% in a quarter, put that in there)

- References, although they can be on a separate page.

You layout and font should be easy to read (I recommend Arial, size 12), professional and no more than 4 pages excluding references.

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