What should be the concentration and quantity of formaline used for fumigation of an operation theatre by aerosol using formaline and water?

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A. Formaline is a commercially available as a 40% solution of formaldehyde vapour in water. When it is heated, formaldehyde vapour is generated. Fumigation is most effective above a temperature of 20 oC and relative humidity of 65% and at temperatures below 18 oC, formaldehyde fumigation is less effective. The quantity of Formaline required is approximately 2 ml per cubic foot (0.028 m3) internal air space. There are several ways of generating formaldehyde vapour: a) a mixture of formaline and water can be heated in a thermostatically controlled heating unit like an electric frying pan (not an electric kettle as some formaline is left beneath the element) or a specifically designed vaporising unit; b) using commercially available formaldehyde generating kits; or c) mixing formaline and water with potassium permanganate crystals (This can result in a violent reaction if the correct relative concentrations of the two components are not used and is not recommended) Fumigation must be ... more
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