What should I do?

Masha Esina Posted

When me and my husband first got together I was beautiful, skinny, trendy, etc. people would describe me as exotic looking and I’d turn heads everywhere. He was the shy, semi chubby, okay looking guy. I always went for the underdog kind of guy.

Now, this man has blossomed. He’s just absolutely gorgeous and has changed in every way physically mentally and aesthetically.

I on the other hand have gained a kid, went from 130lbs to 160lbs, in the process of growing a Mohawk out, working stay at home mom with severe anxiety.

He treats my absolutely GREAT!! But I’m ashamed of how I look, I hate him seeing me naked. I feel ashamed every time he looks at me.

I won’t go through his phone because I don’t want to know anything. I’m prepared for when I get the bad news, I just never thought I’d ever be on this side of the fence. Pretty girls don’t always stay pretty. :/


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Mary D

You’re likely being paranoid but in my opinion the best thing to do is trust your husband and maybe talk to him about it. Open up to him about it and try going to the gym with him and have him push you to do it. Gotta get some fire under your ass. I honestly don’t know how you look so I can’t comment on if you’re just being hard on your appearance but people often think they’re worse looking then they really are. If you were a hottie back then you probably are now but since he is looking better you’re more critical of yourself especially if you recently had a kid.