What should Kefir Grains look like?

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1 Answer

Kefir grains look a lot like semi-transparent crystal gems. They can go through many phases through the seasons from being small and more uniform looking, or large and full of strange shapes, angles and bumps. They can even become lumpy like cauliflower, or very smooth like glass. They are always semi-transparent, but will be much darker if used with less refined sugar. Their color will also be clear unless used with less refined sugar, in which case they will be light to dark brown in color. They should be slightly bouncy and slippery (but not slimy or gooey like milk kefir grains) and can range from the size of a grain of rice to as big as 2 inches. Dried kefir grains color is also dependant on the sugar it was feeding on - ranging from a dusty clear color to a dark rootbeer brown. more
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