What signs and symptoms might I have with leukocytosis?

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1 Answer

You may not have any signs or symptoms from your leukocytosis. If you do have symptoms, they are often caused by the disease that led to your leukocytosis. Common symptoms that you may have with leukocytosis, or its cause, may include any of the following: • Fever (high body temperature). • Bleeding or bruising. • Feeling weak, tired, or sick. • Feeling dizzy, faint, or sweaty. • Pain or tingling in your arms, legs, or abdomen (stomach). • Trouble breathing. • Trouble thinking or seeing. • Losing weight without trying or a poor appetite. How is leukocytosis diagnosed? • Your caregiver will diagnose your leukocytosis using a blood test that counts your white blood cells. This test is called a complete blood count (CBC). Your caregiver will then try to figure out the cause of your leukocytosis. Your caregiver will ask you about your health history and your symptoms. He will ask you if you have allergies or other medical conditions. Tell your caregiver if you have recently had a lot of ... more
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