What size freezer will I need if i purchase a half or whole carcass of beef?

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A good size is a 15 cubic foot freezer. It doesn't take a lot of space and a whole beef carcass will fill about 3/4 of it, so you have plenty of room for storing your freezable garden produce. Today's freezers are very energy efficient and aren't as heavy and bulky as the old style freezers so don't take up much space. Measuring where you want to put it before purchasing, however, is a good idea. I have three Frigidaire Commercial Chest type freezers with manual defrost with no bells or whistles. Very reasonable to purchase and keep everything frozen at or below zero. Put a thermometer inside to keep an eye on that part. We are big believers in buying as close to home as possible, especially from our neighbors and friends, so I may have paid a little bit more for the one i purchased at the Purdin Mercantile. If you don't have a mom and pop general store, a locally-owned Sears store will also carry these at a very good price. It's well worth the $25 for delivery! more
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