What size wire gauge should be used to connect a 100 amp service to the meter outside?

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Two ways to answer this one. If you live in a town/city/incorporated area that has electrical codes, you have to call an electrician unless you want to go through the hassle of applying for a homeowner's permit. All City Halls are, in my opinion, VERY harsh towards homeowners trying to do their own electrical work. If you go that way you will also have to get your work inspected and passed before it will get hooked up. It might not be worth your time. If you live in the country, you can do it yourself. You may still have to pull a county/parish permit so that the electric company will talk to you. On top of that, why would you install a 100 amp box if you are upgrading anyway? 200 amp is standard for residences. In addition to the box and breakers, you will need to purchase a new meter base. The electric company will not hook up a 100 amp box to a 60 amp meter base. I'd have to see the meter base to see if it isn't a 100 amp base right now, but I would doubt it since you have a FUSE ... more
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