What sounds did dinosaurs make?

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1 Answer

Of course no one really knows. However, certain dinosaurs like hadrosaurs has specialized head crests which may have been used to blow air through to make a trumpeting sound. Sounds would have been used to warn others about predators or to attract a mate. • Where did dinosaurs go? There are two popular theories...one is that they became extinct 65 million years ago. The other is that some of the dinosaurs became extinct and others evolved into what we now know as birds. • Were dinosaurs smart? Put answer here. • Where did dinosaurs live? Answer under construction. • What was the biggest dinosaur? Answer under construction. • What was the smallest dinosaur? Answer under construction • What was the heaviest dinosaur? Answer under construction • How well could dinosaurs see? Many dinosaurs could probably see very well as do many reptiles today. The scene in Jurassic Park that shows that the T-Rex cannot see prey if it doesn't move is unlikely. T-Rex was a master predator and could ...
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