What Stores in Michigan Take Bridge (EBT) Cards?

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1 Answer

This is not a complete list but these are the ones that I know of. I will be adding more as I find more. If there is a store you are looking for that is not on this list, leave a comment below and I will try to find out for you. Meijer Whole Foods Market Kroger Costco Busch’s Country Market Hiller’s Nino Salvaggio Trader Joe’s Plum Market Vince & Joe’s Joe Randazzo’s Fruit & Vegetables Joe’s Produce Holiday Market Glen’s Market Gordon Food Service Cattleman’s By the Pound Neimans Market Horrocks American International Bulk Foods Bulk Food Warehouse Sam’s Club Arbor Farms (Ann Arbor) Sav-A-Lot Also at some farmer’s market they have programs now where you can buy tokens with your bridge card to use at the market. I highly recommend seeing if your local farmer’s market does this. I know that the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market does. more
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