what to do with neck pain while driving?

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John Posted

I recently started to drive a car, and noticed that I am constantly in tension and my neck starts to hurt after 30-40 minutes behind the wheel. Could it be due to excessive stress, since I’m a beginner, or is it a medical problem?

Krikka Tukka

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brian wolf

Avoid driving if you are having neck pain, until the pain and stiffness have gone – it may eliminate you turning your head to view traffic. If your neck is stiff or twisted, try some simple neck exercises – gently tense your neck muscles as you tilt your head up and down and from side to side, and as you carefully twist your neck from left to right.

Naresh Tharak

You can avoid neck pain by adjusting what you do before you start your drive and changing the way you drive,
1.Start with good driving posture.

2.Support your head

3.Support your lower back.

4.Adjust your mirror

5.Avoid eyestrain.

6, cruise along the highway.

7.Take a break.

Milley Milley edited answer

I don’t think that it is stress itself. First of all, it could be body tensity. You should try to make pauses every 15 minutes and warm up your neck. This advice helps me when I’m at work and spend much time near my PC. Anyway, when it hearts too much, I sometimes use an ointment I’ve bought from Canada Drugs Direct to reduce tension and have a comfortable slip after work.