What to include in wedding ceremony?

Mary D

So our wedding will take place in January of 2018 and I’ve been thinking about the wedding ceremony. We are having a nondenominational service. As of right now, I don’t have much. We will be having a wedding officiant conduct the ceremony. I have started an opening script that I love that I am asking this person to read but that’s about it. My fiancé wanted us to write our own vows, which I’m working on but wanted to know what else to include during the ceremony. I know that we could do the unity candle or the sand but that really doesn’t match our personalities. Are there any other ideas that I’m missing?

Jeffery Castillo Jeffery Castillo edited answer

I believe the elements of a wedding ceremony are the issue of personal choice. All you need including obligatory traditional cultural rituals. I’m sure if culture matters for you, you know precisely what I mean. If you hesitate, just ask your elder relatives who can help in spreading out everything on the shelves. The other elements of a ceremony you should choose being guided by your personal navigator. You know what you like, and what could be interesting for your guests. You have certain individual inspiration or your couple’s “emotional color”. Just involve personal items as much as possible. Any suggestions of the others are useless in making your wedding personal 🙂

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Pierce Spencer

I worked for a while as a photographer at wedding ceremonies and I can say that usually the attention of guests is directed mostly towards the appearance of the newlyweds. How they are dressed, what they look like. Especially the bride is the main object of attention. Therefore it is worth paying much attention to how you will look. Determine for yourself the most beautiful makeup. If you do not have lush eyelashes, then do not hesitate to use false eyelashes, for example from Sedure https://alleyelashes.com/seduire/. In combination with a beautiful dress you will be the most memorable wedding event.


How was the ceremony? I am interested because it will take place in June 2019. I would also like to make it as memorable as possible.

AnnetFowler Kallykally777@gmail.com

We’re doing a ring warming ceremony! We’re having our officiant announce at the beginning that the rings are to be passed around to each person (we’ll put them together in a cute organza bag). We’re asking that everyone hold the rings and warm them with their well wishes and blessings.

Frank Davis

There could be a reading or two? A passage from a favorite novel, or a romantic poem. I’m a literature person, so I’m going to have a tough time narrowing down what readings we will actually use, but yeah, it’s a way to add content to a non-religious ceremony. I especially recommend e.e. https://www.weddingforward.com/wedding-ceremony-script/