What to wear on a camping trip?

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What do you normally wear to sleep in? Most of the time when I am out with my Boy Scout troop, most of the boys are wearing either gym shorts, or "loungewear" and a tee shirt. Depending on weather and your sleeping bag, you can wear long or short pants and shirts... just be aware if you wear shorts and a tee shirt that mornings always seem cold when you get out of a nice comfy sleeping bag at dawn... It's handy to have a nice warm shirt or light coat rolled up as a pillow so that when you get out of your bag you can throw clothes on and your shirt/jacket will be warm from your body heat, but not damp and smelly. more
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it matters when and where ,plan on camping ,high desert wear jeans  boots or walking shoes, thin long selves  shirt annd a lite jacket in desert warm days cool nites. you not on being a runway model.wear warmer coat . if its in the pines long johns warm shirt and even warmer  boots 

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