What tools do paleontologists use to dig up artifacts and bones?

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A. In paleontology, when you&#39re taking down the big rocks, you use shovels and picks. When you get close to the bones, you use a rock hammer. When you get even closer, you use a digging knife, a medium-sized knife. And then down to a smaller knife, an ex-acto knife. Also something like a dental pick. You use a paintbrush to keep the area clean. You have to be careful to keep the rock away from the bone — you keep sweeping so you can see. You usually use glues to stabilize the bone. When you&#39re taking the bone out of the ground, you use a plaster jacket to cover it, just like with a broken leg. Then, a very important part is writing down all of the information. Where it is found geographically? What geologic layer is it found in? How is the bone positioned or mapped in relation to any other bones? What direction are the bones lying (north/south or east/west)? Is the bone vertical or horizontal or dipped? You also have to collect samples of the rock around it looking for pollen ... more
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