What type of dancing is the dancing they use in Stomp the yard?

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1 Answer

STEP DANCING! Step dance is the generic term for dance styles where the footwork is the most important part of the dance. Body and arm movements and styling are either restricted or considered irrelevant. Step dance is one end of a spectrum of dance styles. The opposite extreme is Formation dances (eg Square dance), where the movement patterns around the dance floor and armwork are the most important factors, and the footwork is very simple. Most social dances fall between these two extremes. There are very few pure step dances, as most include at least some upper body or arm styling. Often step dances performed in shows add elements of show styling, which can bring them into conflict with the traditionalists. The Irish dance tradition includes Irish stepdance, possibly the best known form of step dance, often marked by rigidly held upper body. Irish stepdance has two main forms: hardshoe, a percussive dance form, and light shoe, a form which is primarily about the movement, not the ... more
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