What type of oil does a generator use?

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1 Answer

Oil is a major factor effecting the performance and service life of a generator. Petrol Generators - use 4-stroke automotive detergent oil. Use 4-stroke motor oil that meets or exceeds the requirements for API service classification SJ or later. Always check the API service label on the oil container to be sure it includes the letters SJ or later. SAE 10W is recommended. Diesel Generators - use API service classification CD or higher ... please refer to your engine operation manual for engine oil viscosity. Running a generator with low oil level can cause engine damage and this damage is not covered by warranty. Change the engine oil regularly - your generator oil should be changed after 20 hours of initial operation or at the end of the first month and every 3 months or 100 hours thereafter. When changing your oil, drain the oil while the engine is warm, as later it may be difficult to drain the oil completely. Please Note: • Only use the engine oil specified. Other engine oils may ... more
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