What type of phobia is "fear of patterns"?

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1 Answer

Some phobias aren't about the thing itself but what the thing represents or expresses itself in the mind of the person experiencing it. Since you seem to be reacting to patterns, it could be the visual arrangement of the items is physically painful to you, and thus seeing the arrangement is akin to having a bright light being shone in your eyes. That isn't so much a psychological impairment as it is a physical one, since physical pain, even processed emotionally, is different than a phobia. If the pattern is connected to a traumatic childhood event, then the phobia is really a fear of the context of the pattern. Just like walking past a dark alley (just like the one where you were robbed) stands in for the event itself, it could be the pattern is acting as a similar emotional marker, one your conscious mind can't penetrate because its too intense for you to discover. Heightened emotional states can make a person hyper-sensitive, so that even if the pattern was soemthing your mind saw ... more
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