What type of soil do I need to grow aloe vera?

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Sandy loam soil is best type of soil, however aloe vera will grown in a wide range of soils. Soils with a high clay content are not recommended. • Is fertilization of my soil necessary? You need to keep your soil slightly acidic and supplement with a cheap nitrogen form. Ammonium nitrate is one form and if used it should be added once a year to the soil at the rate of 120 pounds per acre. • How many aloe plants should you plant on one acre? If you plant in rows at 31 inch centers, with 36 inches between the rows, you plant around 5,000 aloe plants per acre • What kind of an annual yield can I expect from my mature aloe field per acre? You can usually harvest aloe plants 4 times per year. You should take around three leaves per plant. This makes a total of 12 leaves per plant per year. At an average weight of 1 kg you can expect an annual return of 60,000 kg of aloe leaves per acre. • What kind of yield can I expect from my aloe vera leaf when I produce filets? This depends on whether ... more
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