What type of wastes are generated in a vegetable and a fish market?

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1 Answer

1. The problems faced by the residents would be of Biological pollution, decomposing organic matter and the evolving gases giving out bad odour. Most fish and vegetable markets generate huge quantities of organic waste that serve as the medium in which bacteria can grow.specially true for fish markets which generates waste that's primarily animal matter like fins, scales, blood, flesh, etc. Several species of pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Clostridium, Proteus, etc can grow on these media. Some of the gases that are liberated due to decomposition by these micro-organisms are Methane, Ammonia, Carbon-dioxide, Hydrogen, all of whish pollute the air and give out stench smell. People can get infected if somehow they come in contact with these micro-organisms. Many of them are fatal. These wastes can also facilitate the growth of fungi and sustain viruses for long periods. The areas are regularly visited by street animals like dogs, cats, and even birds e crows and ... more
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