What type of woman does a taurus man like?

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Unlike some of the other Zodiac Signs, the Taurus man will not chose a girlfriend based purely on pretty facial looks; however, a good curvy may be the greater attraction. A Taurus man will be happy to marry a woman from any station in life, as long as she can cook well and keep the house running smoothly. If you want to be the type of woman a Taurus man like, some easy tricks might work. Embrace the flipside of his head or his neck as you may get a chance to do. Be very concerned of your skin, make sure it is supple and silky and put on cultured fabrics, made of natural fabrics. If a Taurus man really likes you, and by our knowledge that he loves the sensation of touch, he’ll try to feel you, and that will make him instinctively feel the need to appraise by fondling. Also make sure that the ambiance is romantic, calm and comfortable: dim luminosity, good soothing music, in an undertone, and refined drink, possibly wine. When building conversation with a Taurus man, always make sure ... more
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There’s only one reason to ask “what type of woman does a Taurus man like?” You’ve found yourself a George Clooney type Taurus man and you want him. You’re certainly not the first to fall for a Taurus, one of the most attractive signs, as long as you’re the right partner for him. If you’re not sure which star signs go together check out this quick list or find out how to get a live astrology reading absolutely free The Taurus man will want to be dominant. That doesn’t mean this Taurus the bull is a bully, but it does mean he likes things done properly. He might stand up when you leave the table, hold your chair, open doors for you and generally be the romantic knight in shining armour girls dream of. But when this knight comes to collect you he’ll expect you to be ready. A Taurus man will also want you to be tidy. Taurus can’t stand someone else’s mess. He’ll be well, if conservatively, dressed and always clean and smelling great and he’ll be looking for someone who takes similar ...
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