What types of bands influenced the Drowning Pool sound?

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1 Answer

Early Metallica stuff was huge for us. Being from Dallas and being around the Pantera guys all the time, that was another. You know Dime (late guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott) was a huge influence on all of us, not only musically, but personally. He was so great with fans and just with people in general. You wanted to be just like the guy, so I think that had a lot of influence on all of us. What do you think about your shows in Lubbock? We were playing Lubbock before we had a record deal, when we were just a Dallas bar band. I can’t even count the number of times we have played that amphitheatre out there. Dude, it’s awesome. We love it. You know there’s Tech. Great college town. And I have a bunch of relatives that live out there, so it’s always like a big party-slash-family reunion for me when we are out there. It’s definitely one of those cities when we see it on the calendar, you are like “Oh, man I can’t wait for that show.” What can we expect to see from you guys in the ... more
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