What war was fought during the Middle Ages between the Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land?

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Miscellaneous Wars The Crusades. The crusades were the biggest 'holy war' in history. It was a prolonged struggle between the Christians and Muslims over the Muslim-held Jerusalem and the area around it. Ultimately, the Muslims won and threw out the crusaders. What was the ancient war fought between Greece and Persia that had a 2007 movie based on one its main battles?Miscellaneous Wars Greco-Persian War. The Greco-Persian War was fought in the ancient times. The Greeks had banded together to go against the mighty Persians. The Greeks won against overwhelming odds. The movie I was referring to is "300" about the last stand of the Spartans. Which series of wars was named after the man who brought France glory and land from these wars? Miscellaneous Wars Napoleonic Wars. These wars were campaigns to take over all of Europe by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. He led his French army (supplemented by many armies of other nationalities) against most of Europe and took over many lands until his ... more
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