What was the black hole in the battle of the atlantic WW2?

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1 Answer

The black hole in the Atlantic was the area, uncovered by Escort Warships and Aircraft to begin with and was huge, the convoys would start and be protected for about 1000 miles by one or two escort destroyers, then they would meet an inward convoy and return to base for refuelling, the outward convoy had a choice of independant or convoy sail (dependant on Master and Commodore of convoy) and would have a target area and date to con to pick up another escort for the last part of the voyage. In 1941 with the occupation of Iceland and the introduction of the flower class corvette, the black hole was reduced steadily until a surface escort could be provided to each convoy, however the air gap was still deemed a black hole, even with CAM merchantmen (Catapult Aircraft Merchant) which used a single Hurricane (which once out of fuel had to ditch close to the convoy and was then abandoned) the gap remained a favourite hunting area as a U Boat is very very hard to spot on the surface and is ... more
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